Bavaria Map

Drachselsried WappenInteractive map of Drachselsried

Many visitors to Drachselsried are interested in what amenities are available in the village. This local Bavaria map shows the main areas of interest. For a small village it is surprising the number of local shops. a great supermarket and a petrol station make this a good place to visit and to live. Check out where the Dentist, doctor, breweries are and see how organised the village is.

New facilities are being added all the time, if you need something special please make contact.

Click a flag to see more information. Use the + and – to zoom the map size down to street level. Top right you can select map or satellite view.

I am very sorry the map does not show properly. Google has decided to change all of its code and to start charging for use. I am not prepared to spend time and money to get it to show correctly, just so that Google can make money from me.

I am happy to add additional facilities, please use the form and supply details.